The Village of Wilcox was approved as a town by the Kearney County Clerk on July 21, 1886. The village was incorporated on June 10, 1887. It got its name from Henry Wilcox, who purchased the town site with W.R. Sapp and opened the Bank of Wilcox in June of 1886.

According to the 2012 U.S. Census Bureau, 354 people live in the Village of Wilcox. Another 437 people located in the rural areas call Wilcox home.

Wilcox is located 25 miles from Kearney, 20 miles from Minden, 12 miles from Holdrege, and 30 miles from Alma in South Central Nebraska.


Pictured is an example of the monument to be placed at the Wilcox Park. This monument is to honor local veterans and firefighters.

Anyone that would like to help make this project possible can do so my making their donation at the Wilcox Town Hall.



Photos Courtesy of Christy Nelson Photography

Village of Wilcox
PO Box 88 Wilcox, NE 68982
Phone: (308) 478-5510